Yesterday marked another successful year of the tournament organised by Badminton New Zealand. I was fortunate to be invited back again as the photographer for the event and had fun sweating it out courtside. Big thumbs up to the Badminton New Zealand team and the dedicated volunteers.


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I will keep posting…. and stop being lazy.

I’m awake, I’m awake

I ‘ve been lazy I know. But now that I can do this from my n97 mini, I might have a bit more encouragement to tweet, err, blog

Fresh snow

OK so it’s sort of a given that snow falls around Shenyang in winter, but yesterday we had fresh snow, all day long. At least a good 10cm of it. Yay! To put things into a bit more perspective, the past week has had nothing but clear skies so a lot of the snow and crap had actually dried off (and yes, you could see a lot of the remaining dog poop). Last week I could see streets, I could see bricks in the pavement, I could see the city in all of it’s smogy details. Bone dry before yesterday, nice and white (and brown and grey) today.

Maybe I got sick last week from lack of snow? Who knows.

A crazy week. And a bit.

Last week we went to the Royal Ocean World! Which is a little strange, as I’m quite sure the imperial dynasties had all died off? Nevertheless it was a good place to visit. The center holds both an aquarium and a small animal zoo (i.e. no elephants or big cats).
I have to confess that, in all my years in New Zealand I had never seen a dolphin. I had to come to China to do that :S

Right. That was what I was going to write, last week. Exactly one week ago, I fell sick.



Please don’t tell Immigration health staff!

Unfortunately it’s not swine flu (because if it was, it would make such an awesome return present, right?). But there was a fluctuating fever for…. six days? Part of which was from my own doing (i.e. walking around outside when I hadn’t fully recovered).

The taste of warm water was becoming unpalletable, and the 20+ regime of pills I was taking daily was, well crap. But it’s now down to coughs only which is great.

I did end up visiting the hospital (against my objections) somewhere in the middle, seeing as how the fever was kicking butt. The process is very user pays – i.e. pay, then see physician, pay, then get medicine, pay, then see other specialist, pay, then pay some more…

And finally, the horror story of the week. I advise against reading onwards if you’ve got something against blood.

I saw my first dolphin on the Sunday. Hooray! I saw my second dead body in my lifetime on the way to the hospital on Saturday 😦
An old lady was crossing the road and was dismembered by a bus. There was the leg, then the bus’s rear wheel where her waist would have been, and then the rest of her. And some other bodily organs that would have been squeezed out. A horrible tragedy.

A cruel reminder that you need to be sharp when crossing chinese roads.

Rest in peace.

I’ve been burnt

So I haven’t really posted anything in the past few days or so? Most of that is because I haven’t really been doing much of anything (nothing camera worthy either), and because I’ve been burnt by the f1rew4ll. I’m not sure if it’s because I put together the words gr8 + f1rew4ll, so bear with the 1337 speak for now if you can. I’ve changed my other post a little, but somehow I doubt the filters will bother. Pfft.

So for everyone viewing this blog from outside China you will be fine. Unfortunately the only person viewing the blog from inside is… me. Hallelujah proxy services.

Of interwebs and lolcats

Hallelujah!  I think the monthly internet limit has rolled around, as I can finally upload photos again.  All 200 of them 😮  I also managed to find a few unsecured WiFi routers around… muahaha.

It’s been a while though, and most of them are from the Fuling Tomb, Imperial Palace and Qi Pan Shan Ice n Snow Festival.  When I find the time I’ll get around to adding them to the posts somehow 🙂 

The internet experience in China is an interesting one.  If you do come here, just expect international sites to load a bit slower than local ones.  The f1re w4ll does exist.  It’s a good thing I’m not a Facebook junkie or I’d be in withdraw by now.  That aside, it’s about the same as what I would expect from a landline broadband connection in that it works at a decent speed.  It’s a little slower than some of the landline speeds you get in New Zealand but way better than the junk that Woosh Wireless gives me back at home.  Heh.

Unless you need Facebook.